Community Learning & Educational Projects

  • Australian Association of Social Workers, Victoria, 2007: Borderlands has been contracted to examine how members of the AASW (and non-member social workers) view the need for and requirements of (and gaps in) the now mandatory Continuing Professional Education policy in providing an infrastructure for meeting the acknowledged requirements of continuing education. Community Learning Partners’ Critical Reference Group comprised of representatives of Gawith Villa, Deakin University, several disability groups & ANZ Trustees,
  • 2003: Evaluation of the participatory processes of the project’s Critical Reference Group and their likelihood of achieving the project’s objectives entailing the production of adult learning materials designed for people with intellectual disabilities working collaboratively with people without disabilities in commercial, recreational and adult educational situations. The working group was comprised equally of people with intellectual disabilities and those without disabilities and included representatives from disability activist and advocate agencies, ANZ Trustees, Deakin University, and neighbourhood houses.