Poverty Projects

  • Geelong Food Relief Centre, 2005-2006: Borderlands Cooperative contracted to evaluate a food relief centre in the state’s largest regional centre with the aim of establishing why there is an ongoing need for such a centre, how the centre is used and viewed by all stakeholders, and to give recommendations as to how to improve the operation of the centre.
  •  World Vision Australia, 2002-2003: Borderlands was engaged to research and develop a framework as an organisational educational tool for understanding (and reducing) poverties and give recommendations as to the emphasis that should be given to the work of different organisational divisions within WVA. This constituted the second phase to the initial one that she worked on (see below).
  •  World Vision Australia, 2001: Borderlands was engaged in an extensive organisational monitoring and evaluation of existing understandings of poverty and poverty reduction across the organisation’s divisions. An extensive written report provided recommendations for the second phase of the project.