Purpose & Values


The purpose of the co-operative is to be part of a world that values ecological, social and cultural justice and acts in accordance with these values.


Borderlands is committed to these community development principles


  • Holism
  • Sustaining relationship and sustainability
  • Diversity within and between communities
  • Organic and balanced development

Social justice and rights

  • Addressing structural disadvantage
  • Addressiing discourses of disadvantage
  • The rights of humans and all other beings

Valuing the local

  • Local knowledge
  • Local culture
  • Local resources
  • Local skills
  • Local participation
  • Local processes 


  • Process, outcome and vision
  • Integrity of process
  • Consciousness raising
  • Cooperation and consensus
  • Community determined pace of development
  • Peace and non-violence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Community relationship building

Global and local process

  • Anti-colonialist