The future of community development: a conversation

With Dr Peter Westoby Director/senior social practitioner at Community Praxis Co-op (visiting from QLD)

Please join us for a morning tea conversation with Dr Peter Westoby, 10.30am on Saturday May 25 at Borderlands

30A Pickett Street Footscray.

A conversation around community development and some of the contextual moments defining and challenging our work: the separation of the political and the economic; the “end” of neoliberalism; the pressures on volunteering; the impacts of shifting welfare arrangements; the continuing relevance of relationality, peace, multiculturalism, care, health and the many values that define the soul of community development.

We hope this may provide a useful forum for a discussion about the challenges facing community development and the possibilities for reviving collectivist approaches that build on the integrity, knowledge base and leadership capacity of communities.

Dr Peter Westoby and a few other guests will share some thoughts and invite all participants to contribute to the conversation. We hope to document the discussion, and publish reflections in the New Community Journal.

For more information call Jorge Jorquera 0416 200 922.